(A)  “I Need a Login or Password”  

To receive a Login & Password, first you must be either family or long time friends of TDL CAPITAL Investments.   If you are, please fill out the INVESTOR FORM so we can formerly go through a “Let’s Get to Know Each Other” first meeting.  You might even mention when we first met.  Please click here to SCHEDULE MEETING   

This process is formalized because all of our consultations are per SEC rules and regulations regarding private syndications.   Yes, even though you may be family, or long time friends of TDL Capital, there is a formal “Get to Know Each Other” interview process for both our accredited and non-accredited investors.  Again, this is because all of our consultations are per SEC rules and regulations regarding private syndications.  This is for your protection, as well as ours.  We have not advertised to you or sought you out, rather you have sought us out to inquire about possible opportunities with us.  If you feel this is not the case, then please move on.  If you do not know us (or one of us), then please move on.

(B) “What do you need from me?”   

What you will need to get is a simple one page letter addressed to us from your CPA stating that based upon your last two years tax returns, you are either an “Accredited Investor” or “Non-Accredited Investor”.  With that in hand, we can formerly start the meeting.

You will be asked to provide to us “proof of funds” statement at a later date, at perhaps our third or fourth meeting, when when we are discussing and disclosing a specific investment opportunities.

(C) “What about securing my private financial information?”

Yes, all personal financial information provided to us is held strictly confidential and will not be disclosed publicly, unless otherwise expressly waived by you.

(D) “Can anyone be an investor/partner with TDL Capital?”

No, we are highly selective.  Sorry, but even though we are family and or we may be long time friends, TDL Capital Investments always reserves the right to choose our investor/partners.  Just as we do not buy just any apartment property offered to us for sale, nor do we accept any potential investor/partner.  For this reason, and to meet SEC requirements, there is a formal application/interview process for all our potential partners as well as a formal buying process that we go through.  Its for full disclosure and for everyone’s legal protection.

(E) “Do you have to meet with everybody?”

Yes, for both new partners and even returning partners, we always sit down with you individually to learn about your immediate needs and expectations.  We like to learn about the level of risk and reward that you are comfortable with as well as your expectations well before even discussing any specific apartment investment. 

(F) “What can I expect at our first formal meeting?”  

Though we already know you through other social situations, we are formerly meeting to hear about you, to listen to your needs, wants, timeframes and especially listen to your risk/reward comfort level.  No investment with TDL Capital is ever “guaranteed”, real estate has its risks and its certainly not “insured by the FDIC” or “Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae” or any other government entity.  Real Estate is risky; the building, the management, the timing and “the location is everything”.  If your risk comfort level is at zero or level one or two, then perhaps what you need is a bank certificate of deposit (CD).  Just be sure to pick a safe & sound bank.

At our first meeting, we will not be discussing potential deals for you to invest in. This is very important to understand even if you may be an accredited investor and have lots of money to invest. We are meeting to learn about you and your needs.  There will be nothing for you to look at, nothing for you to “buy” or invest in.  Sorry, lets save that for another day.

As an accredited investor you may already know what cash flowing multi-family investments can give you a nice check each quarter, and when sold, a large Return on Investment ROI.  So yes we appreciate the fact that you are seeking as much ownership equity as you can get.  We cannot fault you for wanting lots of partnership equity, but please be aware that TDL CAPITAL Investments does not offer more than 60% partnership equity in any one deal, of which, only half of that is made available to one accredited investor partner.  Rarely do we ever offer more that 30% equity stake to any one accredited investor.  We do this for several reasons; 1) to limit your own exposure and 2) to make sure our investor pool is well diversified.

TDL Capital seeks silent partners looking for that famed “Robert Kiyosaki  passive income” tax advantage and we certainly want to avoid partners who are in reality just whiny-needy-opinionated “back-seat drivers”; Again, even though we know each other, this is why we must sit down with you before each purchase and go over your particular investment needs, your wants, your timeframes and especially your risk/reward comfort level.   Before we meet, have a clear understanding of those things and our meeting can go smoothly.   Having good partners join us for the profitable ride is always a plus; having  annoying, needy, attention-seeking partners is what we seek to avoid.  Most of all, we expect professional investor conduct, behavior and demeanor from all our partners.

(G) “Let’s Get to Know Each Other” .  Please Schedule our first formal meeting time.”

(H) “I Forgot My Login?”

Just Email us at info@tdlcapital.com or click CONTACT and lets us know.

(I) “I did not receive some documents, or, I need copies” 

Just Email us at info@tdlcapital.com or click CONTACT and lets us know.

(J) “Can I join an existing and already performing LLC?”

Yes, to learn more about this submit your INVESTOR FORM and CONTACT us.

(K) “What’s a Self Directed IRA?”

The term “Self Directed Real Estate IRA” encompasses real estate investments using your self directed retirement plan.  Such “Self Directed Real Estate IRA’s” allows the investor to earn tax-free/tax-deferred returns on his or her investments.

For many investors, being a part owner in a large cash flowing multi-family apartment is appealing because unlike stocks and bonds, you can see and actually touch the real estate.   The appeal of receiving monthly cash flow from your real estate investment provides investors with an added sense of comfort.

Of course, the rate of return on your investments is all based on performance of the real estate investment that you choose.  For many investors, selecting a good real estate investment is much easier to understand than understanding the wild swings in stocks and bonds.  Lately, many investors have moved some of their savings over from CDs and into a higher returning cash-flowing Real Estate investments to enjoy greater rates of return plus market appreciation.

(See Wikipedia for more info:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-Directed_IRA)

(L) “Where do I get a “Self Directed Real Estate IRA”?”

Simple, find an “IRA Custodian”.  Yes, you may be able to easily convert your existing IRA, SEP or Roth Plan over and get your own Self Directed Real Estate IRA.   Not all IRA Custodians do it, but shop around.  Do a simple Google search.  We have personally used www.VantageIRAs.com in Scottsdale Arizona, but there are many out there who can help you.  Again, now that you know what you want, shop around for the best IRA Custodian for you.

*It is important to understand that TDL Capital is not an “IRA Custodian”.

**But once you have a Self Directed Real Estate IRA, yes please feel free to visit us again and start the interview process.  Perhaps investing in cash-flowing apartments in appreciating markets will be the right investment for you.

(M) “What is an Accredited Investor?”

The Definition of ‘Accredited Investor‘:   This is a term used by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under Regulation D to refer to investors who are financially sophisticated and have a reduced need for the protection provided by certain government filings. Accredited investors may include individuals, banks, insurance companies, employee benefit plans, and trusts.

An Accredited Investor is one who has a net worth of more than $1 million (including spouse) and who earned more than $200,000 annually ($300,000 with spouse) in the last two years, or someone who has a business with assets worth over $1 million dollars.

When a company raises private equity for an investment, such as a new company, it is able to receive unlimited investments from accredited investors.

(N) “What is a Non-Accredited Investor?”  

A ‘Non-Accredited Investor‘ is any investor who does not meet the net worth requirements for an accredited investor under the Securities & Exchange Commission’s Regulation D.

(O) “How Many Non-Accredited Investor can invest in any one deal?”  

Regulation D stipulates only 35 non-accredited investors are allowed to invest money into a private placement.

(P) “What does TDL CAPITAL need from me?” 

You need a short brief letter addressed to TDL CAPITAL Investments from Investor’s CPA stating that you are either an Accredited or Non-Accredited Investor.  That is enough to establish your investor status for TDL CAPITAL Investments.  It is important that you bring this letter from your CPA to our first formal Interview and we will keep it on file with us at all times.   After your first meeting and well before you invest, you will be asked to provide “Proof of Funds” statement so we can proceed to disclose to you vital information about the opportunities we have.

(Q) Four more Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 

1. – “Can I read more about this Regulation D?”

Yes, go to the source.  Click here: http://www.sec.gov/answers/rule506.htm  and here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regulation_D_(SEC)

2. – “What form will TDL Capital submit to the SEC?”

Yes, see “FORM D” here:  http://www.sec.gov/about/forms/formd.pdf (Individual State forms will vary).

3. – “Are small companies permitted to raise capital from both Accredited and non-Accredited investors?”

YES, see here:  http://www.sec.gov/info/smallbus/qasbsec.htm

4. – Is it true that offerings less than $5,000,000 to Accredited Investors require no public reporting?

Yes, see ‘Accredited investor exemption—Section 4(a)(5)’ by clicking here:  http://www.sec.gov/info/smallbus/qasbsec.htm