You Must Meet With Us First to View Properties

Yes, family and friends of TDL CAPITAL Investments may become investors with us.  But because of SEC rules and Regulations, for both our protection, we must go through a formal documented process.

Step 1)  Please print and fill out  the following Accredited/Non-Accredited Investor Form below.

Step 2)  Receive a simple letter from your CPA stating that…

“Dear TDL Capital, After a close review of  Mr. & Mrs. ___________  last two years income tax                                      returns, they are an Accredited Investor”, (or), “Non-Accredited Investor”.

(Yes, up to 35 non-accredited investors can invest in income producing properties too.)

Step 3)  Get a simple “Proof of Funds” statement from your liquid investment funds: examples of proof of funds can be;  a statement from your “Self Directed Real Estate IRA”,  your Bank Statement statement, your Savings Account statement, your Certificate of Deposit statement, your Charles Schwab Investment account statement, etc.  (Unfortunately, photographs of gold coins stuffed under your mattress does not square with SEC rules and regs.)

Step 4) Choose a day and time and then schedule a meeting.  Bring the three documents above to our first formal meeting.  Be prepared to talk about your level of risk that is acceptable to you and your short term and long term investment expectations.  Schedule Meeting here:

Step 5)  Receive your login/password.  After you are approved, your specific login/password will be sent to you so that you may view future deals on the horizon.


To Start the process to become an investor by submitting your INVESTOR FORM here: