Sample Data

Here is an Overview of Reports that we send to Our Family & Friends Investors inside the LLC:

 1.   Investors Get a Detailed Financial Report

  • *Itemized Expenses Reports by month/week/day
  • *Itemized Income Reports by month/week/day
  • *Property Management Reports
  • *Property Management Monthly Performance Review
  • *Lender Payment Receipt History
  • *CPA Prepared, Quarterly Investor Income Tax Reports
  • *P&L Statements by Quarter & Year End.

2.  Before & After Docs are given to all investors inside the LLC. 

  • Syndicator’s Pre & Post Investors Summary,
  • Appraisal Report,
  • Building Report,
  • pre-acquisition Title Report,
  • Pre-acquisition Financial Docs (this includes the Rent Roll, Leases, 12 month Income & Expense Reports, P&L, Asset List, Property Pictures, and Property Management Contract)
  • Partnership LLC docs (Partnership Operating Agreement, Payout agreement, title & deed in LLC’s name),
  • Lender docs (Loan requirements, loan conditions & terms, loan amount, loan fees, loan payment)
  • New Property Management Agreement, terms & conditions.
  • Property Management Monday Morning Reports.
  • Login password to access Quarterly Partnership Cash Payout Histories, Property Monthly Income & Expense Financials, Annual Statements
  • CPA quarterly reports to the IRS and Investors in the LLC.

3.  A Quarterly Investor Report includes (Sample)

  • $550, 000      Gross Income Received
  • (-$275,000)       Gross Expenses Received & Paid
  • $275,000       Net Operating Income (NOI)
  • (-$137,500)        Annual Debt Service “mortgage Paid to Lender”
  • $137,500        Gross Annual Positive Cash Flow Received
  • (less $30,000 retained for building Capital Improvements & Repositioning for Resale)
  • $107,500      Profit    (Annual Cash payout available to All Investors inside the LLC)
  • * All Investors get their profits paid out quarterly.  All investors get a K-1 at year end from our CPA.

4.  This “Final Performance Data” 

(Jan. 22, 2010)—   Purchase Price –     $22,500
(May 28, 2013) –    Sale Price–               $50,900

  1. After sale ROI to investors 46%
  2. Cash On Cash return during holding period 18%
  3. Debt Coverage Ratio 1.9
  4. (This example data above was taken from 4 unit Ohio Investors I.  Such returns are unusually high, past results do not guarantee future results, and so each investment must be evaluated and analyzed upon its own merits.)